If you have advance directives regarding your healthcare, please bring a copy with you.When it’s time for surgery – no matter how minor or complex – look no further than Excelsior Springs Hospital for quality, compassionate care.

From pre-operative testing to surgery through recovery, our team of board certified surgeons and professionals work together to ensure that you receive the best possible outcome.

Outstanding – and Local – Surgical Care

Our skilled doctors, nurses, and anesthesiologists are highly trained to perform surgeries with the latest technology and equipment. With quality health care so close to home, you’ll be glad you chose Excelsior Springs Hospital for your surgical needs.

Surgeries Performed

General Surgery

  • Appendectomy
  • Breast Biopsy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Laparoscopic Procedures
  • Hernia Repair
  • And Many More

Orthopedic Surgery

  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Arthroscopy
  • Carpal Tunnel Release
  • And Many More

Podiatry Surgery

  • Toe Amputation
  • Bunionectomy
  • Spur Removal
  • And Many More

Preparing for Surgery

For the best possible surgical experience, please follow the instructions below along with any instructions provided by your surgeon. Contact us in advance if you have any questions or concerns.

Before Your Surgery

Once you’re scheduled for surgery, you’ll be contacted by the Pre-Surgery Testing Department to provide information on your health history and medications. You may be asked to come in before your surgery for pre-admission lab tests, X-rays or other testing that will help us prepare for your procedure.

Unless your surgeon instructs you otherwise, follow these instructions to prepare for the day of surgery:

  • Do not eat or drink after midnight.
  • After midnight, do not chew gum, use tobacco, sip water, eat candy, use throat lozenges, or use antacids.
  • You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before surgery.
  • Take a bath or shower the night before or the morning of surgery using antibacterial soap. Do not use lotion or powder.
  • Let your surgeon know prior to surgery if you have a cold, fever, infection or any change in your condition.
  • Do not wear fingernail polish, makeup or jewelry.
  • Leave your jewelry and other valuables at home.
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing that can be removed easily.
  • Bring a list of your medications.
  • If you wear glasses or contact lenses, bring a case with you. We can provide a container for dentures if needed.
  • Arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home after your surgery. You will not be allowed to leave in a cab or drive yourself home. Your designated driver is welcome to stay at the hospital during your procedure, or we can call your driver when you’re released.

Day of Surgery

  • Please check in two hours before your scheduled surgery time unless we have given you other instructions.
  • An anesthesiologist will meet with you before your surgery to explain the process and answer your questions.
  • Two family members or companions may stay in the surgery waiting area.
  • If you have young children, please make other arrangements for them. Keeping your family informed during your surgery is a priority for us. Your family members receive updates while you’re in surgery.
  • If you have advance directives regarding your healthcare, please bring a copy with you.

After Surgery

  • You will be taken to a recovery room where you’ll be monitored until you are awake and comfortable.
  • During your recovery, your family members who are waiting will be updated by your surgeon. Family will also be notified when you are transferred to your hospital room or are ready to go home.
  • Pain medication will be given to keep you comfortable until you are discharged and can fill your prescription.
  • You may be transferred to a hospital room or discharged to return home with a designated driver.
  • For your safety, we recommend that someone stay with you for 24 hours after you are released.