Stroke Care

A stroke is a life-threatening condition. A stroke occurs when the blood supply to the brain becomes blocked.  The level of damage can be lessened with timely and effective care.

Excelsior Springs Hospital now offers TeleStroke, a 24-hour, on-call access to award-winning, leading stroke and neuroscience experts through Centerpoint Medical Center, a Certified Primary Stroke Center, as designated by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association.  

By using the TeleStroke system, physicians are able to communicate via a two-way live video, audio and image sharing system.  A neurologists can evaluate a patient in real time to diagnose a stroke and work with our Emergency Medicine Physicians to determine the best treatment options.  This allows the patient to stay close to home and family and only transfer when more specialized treatment is required.

Signs of a Stroke

  1. Face drooping
  2. Blurry vision or a problem seeing
  3. Trouble talking, confustion or difficulty understanding speech
  4. Arm weakness
  5. Lack of sensation on one side of the body
  6. Trouble walking or loss of balance

The most important aspect of effective stroke treatment is TIME.  If you or a loved one show any of these symptoms call 911 right away.