Restorative Sleep

We have come to the forefront in recognizing that a good night’s sleep is one of the most important gifts we can give our residents. Sleep is not just a state we fall into, but a necessary and vital part of keeping us healthy.

It is during the deepest stages of our sleep that healing takes place:

*  Muscles, bones and joints heal and grow
*  Skin and connective tissue regenerate
*  Cells repair
*  Hormones are regulated
*  Daytime learning is retained
*  Stress and inflammation are reduced
*  Our immunity is strengthened

Without these deep stages of sleep, it is harder for us to feel well, to fight off infections or to overcome disease. Interrupting sleep deprives us of all of these things and makes healthy living hard to maintain.

During the dream stages of our sleep we:

*  Process our emotions
*  Cement new memories
*  Relieve stress

The dream stages of sleep assist us with memory recall. We feel more stressed and more easily confused when we miss out on this vital stage of sleep.

With sleep in mind, we have reviewed our practices and cares and will made adjustments that include:

*  Reduce disturbances to nighttime sleep and increase daytime activities for our residents
*  Encourage good exposure to light and sun during the day and darkness at night to help set internal clocks
*  Reduce daytime napping that robs nighttime sleep
*  Offer different types, timing and amount of foods and fluid to better enhance wakefulness and sleep
*  Review and perhaps change medications to assist with improved sleep and wake times

We continue to look for ways we can enhance the sleep and wake of our residents – and by doing this we are increasing their quality of life.

We allow our residents the option of not being disturbed during the night. By eliminating or minimizing night time interruptions, we can encourage more of the restorative sleep they need to maintain and enhance their quality of life. Although there may be times when we need to awaken a resident (usually for medically necessity) our goal will be to minimize disturbances to nighttime sleep.

Helping our residents get restorative sleep is now one of our goals. We invite you to learn more about sleep and the importance of uninterrupted restorative sleep.

Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. 
~ Thomas Dekker