Respite CareElderly patient and nurse

If you've been discharged from acute care but still need skilled care before returning home, or if your family caregivers must go out of town or on vacation, Respite Care at Excelsior Springs Hospital is here to help. Respite Care will provide you with nursing care in our hospital on a temporary basis. 

Quality Nursing Care to Meet Your Everyday Needs

During your stay, you will be provided with nursing care to meet your everyday needs. Our experienced nursing team will assist you with bathing, eating, getting in and out of bed, going to the bathroom and anything else you may need. Medications will also be given to you as prescribed by your physician.

Our Convalescent Center has a comprehensive activity program and you will be invited to participate in their activities while you're here. Although your stay at Excelsior Springs Hospital is temporary, we will make every effort to ensure that you are comfortable and happy, and have as little disruption in your daily life as possible. 

Respite Care Assessment and Admitting

You can make arrangements for Respite Care by calling our Chief Nurse Executive or Director of Med-Surg/ER at 816 630-6081. After completing a nursing assessment, you will be provided with Respite Care costs based on whether you require minimum, moderate or total care.  

Since you aren't being admitted to the hospital for medical treatment we don't need a physician’s order. However, we will need your doctor's name as well as a list of your medications.

Your medications will be kept in our medication cart and your bottles must be clearly labeled. Medications can't be mixed together in the same bottle. For your safety, we may consult your doctor to verify medication dosages.

Along with personal items to provide a comfortable setting such as small photographs or books to read, please bring your own personal care items such as shampoo, comb, toothpaste, toothbrush, denture cup, etc. as these are provided at additional cost. 

Respite Care must be at least 24 hours in length, and no longer than three weeks at one time. There are no age restrictions with the exception of minors younger than 21.

Forms and Payment

  • Private insurance & Medicare won't pay for Respite Care. You or a family member must sign a Medicare waiver to prevent billing for hospital services. 
  • Payment of the length of stay must be paid in full at time of admission to Respite Care (e.g., cash, check, credit card).
  • Family must sign a “Consent to Treat” form in the event that you become ill while in Respite Care.
  • You or a family member must sign consent for licensed nursing staff to administer your medications.