How To Prepare For A MRI Scan

Since MRI uses a magnet, certain types of metal will interfere with the study. An MRI may not be performed if you have certain implants placed from a surgery. Your trained technologist will go over your medical history with you and make sure it is safe for you to have the scan. Please bring any implant identification cards you have, so we can research the implant to check for their safety and compatibility before you enter the magnet room. For most exams, you may eat and drink before your MRI.

Bring this completed MRI SCREENING FORM to your appointment.

What Happens During An MRI

During your MRI you will lie on a comfortable padded table. The table then moves into the MRI machine. During the exam you will hear loud thumping or knocking sounds while the machine is working. Headphones are available to you during exams that provide your favorite music. You will be able to speak with the technologist by intercom during the exams should you have any questions or concerns. It is very important to lie very still during the exam to insure the best quality pictures are available for the radiologist. The time spent on your MRI will vary based on the body part being scanned and the protocol needed. If contrast is needed, it will be injected during the MRI.

What Happens After the MRI Scan

If you received IV contrast you will be asked to drink lots of liquid to flush out your system. Your doctor will receive a report from the radiologist within 24 hours.