Patient and family feedback are essential to the improvement of patient experiences, safety and concerns at Excelsior Springs Hospital.

PFAC Mission

By openly engaging with patients and their family members, we can improve the patient experience while promoting quality health care to provide hope and healing to every life we touch as the Excelsior Springs Hospital.

PFAC Goals

For patient and family members to share their health care experiences, both positive and challenging, to help us provide exceptional care to every patient.

From the patient and family point of view, identify what defines a remarkable patient and family experience.

Serve as a resource and link between patients, families, and health care providers.

Advise on identified focus topics to refine or improve opportunities for excellent patient and family experiences.

Approve initiatives that enhance patient experience, safety and outcomes for patients and families.

Promote the vision and values of Excelsior Springs Hospital among patients and family members in the Excelsior Springs Hospital community.

PFAC Members

– 18 years or older
– PFAC will consist of 6-10 members
– Advisory members will be from the Excelsior Springs Hospital service area
– Members must have been a patient or a family member of a patient at
Excelsior Springs Hospital in the past five years
– Promote the hospital’s mission, vision and values among patients and
family members in the community
– All committee members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement

PFAC Expectations

– Be respectful of all committee members, and value the opinions and the diversity of the members
– Serve as an advisory resource to the organization
– Utilize personal experiences to engage in open, honest and meaningful
dialogue to improve patient and family-centered care at Excelsior Springs Hospital
– Respect the privacy and confidentiality of committee members,
their families and all staff
– Actively participate in one meeting every quarter
– Solicit and identify patient and family needs and concerns
– One member will volunteer and serve on the ESH Quality Committee,
that meet quarterly
– Interact and partner with others

For more information, contact:
Tiffany Danneman, Director of Social Services