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Dr. Hoffman gives 100% to his staff and most importantly his patients in the Emergency Department. He respects everyone’s opinion, and the staff trusts him to the letter.

Jacent Hood

Jacent goes above and beyond to help his co-workers. He comes in early, stays late, and covers most shifts that otherwise would be vacant.

Kristina Busby

Kristina is passionate about nursing. She is calm amongst the chaos – her presence helps decrease the unknown, promoting healthy culture to grow, ask questions, and teach others.

Krysta works diligently to help our patients when they are struggling or need assistance and ensures that their financial obligations are not preventing a patient from receiving care.

Michelle has been instrumental in the success of the Primary Care Clinic. She provides excellent service to all the clinic’s patients and clinical staff.

Theresa Horn

Theresa has improved the process and standards within our dietary department. She has led her team to significant improvements with multiple inspections with no deficiencies.

Kelley Miller

Kelley is continuously seeking knowledge and always teaching others. She is my go-to teammate for feedback both positive and difficult to hear, but also lends suggestions on how to improve process and practices.

Jerad Blocker

Jerad has taken on many of the hospital and facility tasks including the air handler installation process and the transition of the medical gasses in the IP units. He continues to focus on facility compliance, and his team sets the bar high for others.

Lisa Fielder

Lisa has made so many positive changes to our department, and her good nature and positive attitude are infectious. She has been everything an employee could ever want in a director. She has strong leadership and helps create a work environment in our unities that strives for teamwork, innovation, and excellence.

Congratulations to those nominated…

Maria Florez-Archer, Radiology
Samantha Henson, Radiology
Courtney Jones, Radiology
Amanda Romazon, Director of Finance
Chris Wier, Nurse Practitioner
Nate Williams, ES Parks and Recreation
Aaron Collins, CPD Buyer
Shannan Conner, Speech Therapist
Skylar Donaldson, Outpatient
Jamie Farris, Nursing
Shannon Spiking, Nursing
Tonya Deason, Director of Radiology
John Freeman, Environmental Services Manager
Deeann Schoenfield, Revenue Cycle Director

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