ESH Medical Records System Migration

How Does This Affect You?

At Excelsior Springs Hospital, our number one priority is caring for our patients. You are the most important part of everything we do. With this in mind, we have upgraded our Medical Records System to be able to offer patients and providers faster and more efficient access to the records and information that we need to better care for you.

In this new digital age, you shop, bank, and share all sorts of information online. Now, you can also conveniently manage your health on the web. ESH’s HealtheLife Medical Records System empowers you with effortless access to sections of your hospital-based electronic medical records. Beyond this, HealtheLife presents a range of health and wellness resources, simplifying your health management.

Our new medical records portal, named HealtheLife, offers you the following access:

1) View and retrieve medical records and medical documents related to your healthcare at ESH.

2) Send and receive messages between you and your medical providers at ESH.

3) Request new appointments and view upcoming appointments at ESH.

Registration for HealtheLife is cost-free and quick. It only takes a few minutes to set up your account during your next office visit with your provider. By having an Excelsior Springs Hospital HealtheLife account, you can comfortably and privately retrieve your health and wellness data anytime, day or night. HealtheLife operates 24/7, accessible from anywhere with internet connectivity. All you need is a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

If you want to speed up the process of getting enrolled in the HealtheLife system, you may download the mobile app to your phone or tablet. Provided below are the links to both phone platforms.

HealtheLife is available for iPhone users. Click to go to the Apple App Store

HealtheLife is available for Android users. Click to go to the Google Play App Store