ESH Hospice Achieves 100% in CMS Quality of Hospice Patient Care Measures

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Excelsior Springs Hospital Hospice sets a new benchmark in the quality of hospice patient care by scoring 100% in all six patient care measures reported by ESH Hospice. Dexur’s (a healthcare data and research service) analysis of CMS quality measures shows that ESH Hospice was the only one out of 28 total hospices in the larger Excelsior Springs, Missouri area to achieve this score.

CMS evaluates hospices across the country using quality measures based on the Hospice Item Set (HIS), a standardized set of items designed to acquire patient-level data on each hospice patient admission. The HIS Comprehensive Assessment Measure consists of the following 7 HIS care process measures:

  1. Beliefs/Values Addressed (if desired by the patient)  
  2. Treatment Preferences  
  3. Pain Screening
  4. Pain Assessment
  5. Dyspnea Treatment
  6. Dyspnea Screening
  7. Patients Treated with an Opioid who are Given a Bowel Regimen (ESH did not have enough data for CMS report on this measure)

A patient is not included in the HIS Comprehensive Assessment Measure Score if they don’t complete at least one of these seven care processes. The measure data are reported electronically to Medicare by each agency through HIS. Scores percentages are allotted to Hospices based on the reported data. Achieving a higher percentage score is a sign of better performance for all  HIS care process measures. 

What makes ESH Hospice’s achievement unique?

The seven quality measures seek answers to the essential questions about the quality of care patients receive at the hospice facility and what caregivers should look for when choosing a hospice care agency.

The following table compares how ESH Hospice outperformed other major hospice facilities in the city and the National average:

Each assessment measure evaluates the care provided by the care facility to the patient at the beginning of hospice care and throughout the inpatient stay. While other hospice care facilities in the city scored below or around the National average, ESH Hospice, with our timely and effective care, scored cent per cent in six measures, a unique achievement in the larger region of Excelsior Springs, MO.

Here is how ESH Hospice achieved this benchmark in the quality of hospice patient care:

  1. Beliefs/Values Addressed (if desired by the patient) 

Patients or caregivers referred to ESH Hospice are always asked about their beliefs and values at the beginning of hospice care. We value our patients and caregivers’ spiritual and religious needs, beliefs and values, and ensure these care needs are met.

  1. Treatment Preferences

ESH Hospice asks patients or caregivers about treatment preferences like hospitalization and resuscitation at the beginning of hospice care. Our hospice staff discuss the treatments that patients desire and guarantee they get the best care at the end of life.

  1. Pain Screening

We at ESH Hospice understand that pain can interfere with patients’ daily activities and be very distressing for patients and families. Hence, all patients admitted to ESH Hospice are examined for pain at the beginning of hospice care. 

  1. Pain Assessment

If pain is identified as a problem for a patient, ESH Hospice arranges timely and thorough pain assessment. Our hospice staff collects information about the pain (location, how long it lasts, severity etc.) within one day.

  1. Dyspnea Treatment

ESH Hospice makes sure to get timely and effective treatment for the patients who have shortness of breath within a day of diagnosing the problem, including medication, relaxation or breathing exercises.

  1. Dyspnea Screening

Since shortness of breath is common and interferes with patients’ routine, ESH Hospice monitors the patients for dyspnea at the beginning of hospice care.

ESH Hospice’s prime focus is care and quality of patient life even during an advanced or terminal illness. The Medicare score for ESH Hospice’s quality of hospice patient care proves our efficiency in collaborating with our physicians and staff to deliver the best possible care to meet patient needs.