In 1904, a small private hospital was chartered in Excelsior Springs, in a three-story residence on Watertower Hill, the beginning of Excelsior Springs Hospital.

Early Beginnings

In 1909, it was incorporated and moved to quarters above the old A & P building and subsequently transferred to rooms in the Southern Hotel on South Street. In 1913, the hospital moved to the old Lucerne Hotel building on Spring Street. In 1922, the Old White Sanitarium was purchased and a new brick wing was added.

As the City and surrounding areas continued to expand, the facilities had to do so also in order to serve citizens of our City. The depression of the thirties, the hospital’s financial stability was shaken and foreclosure seemed about certain.

In 1941, Mrs. Margaret Sharp (pictured) was put in charge and soon thereafter, she purchased half interest in the hospital, assuming a mountain of debts, a depleted treasury, and a disorganized personnel. Mrs. Sharp demonstrated a spirit devoted to the public welfare, one which motivated all her plans for the hospital. Out of its earnings, the debts were paid; a modernization program was started.

Growing in Care

In 1951, past records showed that 15,500 patients had been admitted and treated at the hospital since 1925. From January 1951 to November 1965 approximately 22,821 patients were admitted to the Excelsior Springs Hospital.

In 1953, there were 264 births while in 1954 there were 361. This was an increase of 97 births in one year taxed overcrowded conditions. Other services and treatment rose proportionately.

On January 8, 1954, the Excelsior Springs Hospital was transferred from a private ownership to an eleemosynary (charitable or non-profit) organization.

In 1955, a drive was started to raise $195,000 toward a new wing at the Excelsior Springs Hospital. The new wing was to be three stories high and would allow the conversion of the old part of the building to treatment of chronically ill patients. At that time, Mayor H. Roe Bartle of Kansas City was the principal speaker. At a campaign dinner held at the Lewis School, 143 driveworkers attended. In his address, he said that the providing of hospital facilities in a community was the responsibility of all the citizens. He urged residents of Excelsior Springs to build their own facilities rather than attempt to gain admissions at Kansas City hospitals which he said at this time were overcrowded.

The campaign drive was a success. The new wing for the hospital was started in early 1956, and completed in December 1957.

Looking to the Future

In 1969, the Excelsior Springs Hospital Auxiliary was formed under guidance of State Hospital Auxiliary officers and the hospital administrator.

The new hospital was dedicated on December 19, 1976, and operations began in the new facility on January 10, 1977.

In 1992, the Excelsior Springs Health Care Foundation was established as a private, not-for-profit organization. The Foundation has contributed more than $500,000 to benefit the hospital since its existence.

In 2004, the Excelsior Springs Hospital not only received Critical Access Hospital designation, but also received a federal grant to build a new addition. In 2008, the nine million dollar addition opened its doors. In 2009, another addition was completed to house a Radiology department and a recently purchased MRI machine, bringing the hospital campus to 155,000 square feet.

Excelsior Springs Hospital continues to grow and provide medical services to our community with new, modern, and enlarged facilities. ES Primary Care is located on the hospital campus, Lawson Primary Care is in Lawson, and the Health Express Clinic is located in Excelsior Springs Price Chopper.